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Frozen Dough and Partially Baked Bread: An Update

TitleFrozen Dough and Partially Baked Bread: An Update
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsRosell, CM, Gómez, M
JournalFood Reviews International
Keywordsbreadmaking, frozen dough, Mixolab, partially baked bread, process, quality, raw materials

The bakery market is growing due to the development of new technologies related with freezing temperatures. In this contribution the state of the art is reviewed, giving special emphasis in the contributions of the last  two decades.
This review is especially focussing in being  a useful guide of the  research performed in the application of freezing at different steps of the breadmaking process, giving an overview toward the bakery market is moving on. The raw material requirements, processing conditions and baked bread quality from frozen dough and partially baked bread are reviewed.

Short TitleMasas Congeladas y Pan Precocido: Una Actualización
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The production of cereals and baked goods has been suffering a continuous transformation promoted by the change in social habits, consumer demands, and the interest of the baked goods producers in  saving labours and costs. Initially, the industrialisation of the breadmaking process yielded important savings in time and costs. However, the bread market did not  wake up with all those changes and bread consumption underwent a steady decrease till mid-nineties. This decrease was partially due to the short shelf life of the bakery products; their quality is highly dependent on the period of time between baking and consumption. A loss of bread fresness called bread staling produces a loss of consumer acceptance. (1)

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